Uniting Tattnall County in Print

Russ Rhoden, owner of The Tattnall Journal, purchased The Glennville Sentinel on May 26, 2016, from Terry and Pam Waters, and the combined county-wide Tattnall newspaper is now known as The Journal Sentinel. Pam will continue to work at the paper as Advertising Manager and as a staff writer. Above is Attorney Joe McGovern, seated, with Dawn and Russ Rhoden, and Pam and Terry Waters, shortly after signing the contract negotiating the sale.

The Tattnall Journal purchases The Glennville Sentinel newspaper

by Allison Cobb

This week marks the historic first week of The Journal Sentinel — a combination of The Tattnall Journal and The Glennville Sentinel newspapers.

Russ Rhoden, owner of The Tattnall Journal, purchased the Sentinel newspaper from long-time editor and owners Terry and Pam Waters on May 26, 2016.

Both of the newspaper offices in Glennville and Reidsville will remain open at their current locations and customers are welcome to stop by either office when renewing subscriptions or submitting items for print.

When considering combining the two newspapers into one, staff members tried to focus on including features and elements already found in both papers. The Sentinel’s regular “What’s Cookin’” feature is now known as “A Taste of Tattnall” and Donna Tootle, Tattnall County Board of Education member, shared her story with the paper this first week.

The Soapbox column, another Sentinel favorite, will remain in the new paper and will be found on page 5 most weeks. Readers are encouraged to call in to the Soapbox number 912-237-2700 and leave a message — perhaps to share some positive news, ask a question or seek change on some local issue. Of course, all of the comments are screened and not all of them make it into print.

The Tattnall Journal had a regular feature listing local birthdays on a calendar that frequently is found on page 6 each week. There is no charge to have your birthday listed on the calendar. Just give either office a call and let a staff member know of the family names and dates to include. You can also bring by a written list of names and dates, or email them to the office.

Both papers had a section in the paper where businesses were highlighted in particularly. In Glennville it was called the “Community Spotlight” and at the Journal it was known as “All About Business.” That feature remains and fills two pages in the paper, allowing two different businesses to be highlighted each week. If you would like your business to be included, there are currently only three spots remaining, so be sure to call quickly to reserve your space. As the design of the paper changes over the weeks ahead, that two-page feature will be known as the “Business Spotlight”.

All of your favorite columnists will remain in The Journal Sentinel and can be found most weeks on pages 4-5. Also on page 4 is our section known as “Your View” where letters to the Editor are printed. These letters are submitted by readers and must be approved before they are printed. A name must also accompany the item and letters should deal with general issues in the county or around the area. Letters targeting one specific individual are not typically printed.

Over the next few weeks, new features will be added to The Journal  Sentinel. The staff is considering a games/comics section, bringing back and expanding The Glennville Sentinel’s Church Directory, highlighting “things to do” from all around the local area, maintaining a current “community calendar”, and other exciting new things.

Readers are encouraged to call or email in their suggestions of things they’d like to see in their Tattnall County paper. Also along those lines, readers are asked to let us know of stories you’d like to see in the paper or interesting people that could be featured. As both newspapers have always done in the past, The Journal Sentinel will continue to rely on readers to call and alert staff members of stories to be shared in print. Covering news from all over Tattnall County is the goal of this new, single newspaper.